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Who I Am

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My Ideas

Many of the items in my portfolio and shop are items I had the idea for and just had to make. Jewelry, beading, knitting, paper mache, resin, polymer clay. Not really much off limits, especially if I need to work out the puzzle of it’s creation.

Custom Work

If you have an idea and either don’t want to take the time to create it or feel you don’t have the skill, maybe you and I together can bring it to life. If it’s going to take some engineering to make it happen, all the more interesting.

In The Works


Pictured is a ladybug design. I have many more designs either in the works or in my store, including dragonflies, yin yang, sea turtles and fleur de lis, just to name a few.

Custom Cake Topper

Groom’s cake topper, figures based on video game Battleborn. Pictured here is Shayne of Shayne and Aurox, in a forbidding stance. Currently working on Aurox, which will be attached to wires under Shayne’s arms and the entire figure painted.

Custom Drawer Pulls

Pictured is only an example of ones I’ve done before using the Mokume Gane polymer clay technique. Current order is for handle style pulls in copper, blue and green.

Dragon Mask

Playing with paper mache, figured I’d just make something I’d enjoy and practice my sculpting skills at the same time. Looks a bit more like a gorilla than a dragon at the moment, but hopefully I can work it out.

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